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This year’s conference programme includes conferences and workshops intended to present the biggest technological, legislative, procedural, economic, research and innovation implications linked to the adoption of the circular economy in the major sectors of traditional and innovative industry. There will be a “spotlight event” on the flow of raw material, alternative and critical for conventional and new industrial processes, and one on efficient use of traditional raw material and industrial eco-design. The theme of classifying and making the best use of waste will be dealt with from various perspectives, ranging from new European regulations and strategies to more technical aspects and management best practice. There will be a seminar on the classification of waste in light of recent European provisions, another on strategies for preventing waste and finally one on the field of making the most of waste in the framework of the circular economy, with the presentation of studies applied to various categories of waste, from that associated with high-tech products to plastics. A parallel session will be dedicated to the monitoring, management and treatment/exploitation of organic waste, both civil and industrial, through integrated biorefinery schemes but also anaerobic digestion with bio-methane generation. A further session will be dedicated to the efficient treatment of industrial and civil waste water with recovery of nutrients, their exploitation and reuse of water resources. A section organised together with the European Commission and the Bio-based Industries Public-Private Partnership will be dedicated to the BIO-BASED INDUSTRY & BIO-ECONOMY in the Mediterranean, with the presentation of examples of biorefineries using non-food and surplus biomass and agro-industrial by-products/waste in the field locally. The sustainability of the food industry will also be discussed, as well as optimal use of water and sea resources.
We will have a session dedicated to monitoring and sustainably reclaiming contaminated industrial sites and marine environments (recovering and prevention of marine litter). We will also discuss decommissioning and conversion of disused sites, as well as systems and solutions for preventing hydro-geological disturbance. Finally there will be an event on the URBAN CIRCULAR ECONOMY, that is, the circular management of waste and water in towns and cities, increasing its energy efficiency, monitoring and quality of outdoor/indoor air and systems for purifying it.